Aaron Harrington's Testimony

My journey is far from finished, you could even say it is just starting, but I firmly believe it is an everlasting journey with Him. My early adult years began with the death of my mother when I was just 17 years old. I realized in my 30's, that God had His hands on me from the very beginning and protected and guided me.

I am very fortunate God blessed me with wonderful people around me as I began my adulthood life, which has included career success, countless blessings and support from my extended family, a best friend, and my lovely wife. Early in life, after her passing, I searched for answers in the wrong places, and led very much a “care free lifestyle” outside of my career. This phase of my life passed and matured quickly, however, my faith did not, and moreover the practice of said faith.

I always believed in God and Jesus, but I didn’t practice it and claim Him enough. I never went to church, in contrast to now never missing a Sunday service, and also serving in ministry myself. I was more wrapped up in every other “new age” religion, and trying to poke holes in the Bible, without realizing it was the greatest truth of all! I would study various religions and their points of emphasis, and got very involved in the study of extraterrestrials, the Mayas, the Annunaki, and life on other planets as my personal form of religion and truth, until discovering how wrong this was, and the masquerade that has been going on for centuries. There was a point some years ago that I was as close to “down and out” as I ever felt.

I realized that God never let me go, but He wanted me to seek Him. I am lucky to have an amazing wife who loves me and supports me, and our marriage and relationship of over 7 years has been amazing, and the state I was in had nothing to do with her. I was depressed to some degree daily due to stress and unhealthy choices, without realizing all of it was due to how spiritually dead I had become and how far I had fallen away from Jesus. It was at this moment, as I sat on my couch, that I prayed and told God, “You’re the only card I have left to play, I need you, and I want you badly if you'll have me. Just please help me!” And then I made a conscious decision to find a church home, of which I have been a member over 2 years and work in ministry now as well.

From that point on, God grabbed me and never let go, and shaped me and poured blessings in my life one after another. I remember going to church for the first time in years and thoroughly enjoying it. I re-examined how I prayed, and began praying specifically for what I wanted and needed, and also began reading my Bible daily, from the first page to the end. I remember my “prayer spot” in our old house where the first big prayers I asked for were answered.

Suddenly, in a very short period of a month or so, I had a new job lined up replacing the current, paying more, with a company that has Christian values. I was able to finance a new car for my wife and I, somehow with bad credit. And then a new home in the family became available for us, which was easily 2 times bigger than where we currently resided - and guess what? It is next door to a church as well! The three big things I prayed for were answered suddenly as soon as I sought Him, when I had striven for years for it on my own, stressing and worrying constantly.

Today, I stand a very happy and blessed person, whom tries his best to do more for Jesus every day and seek Him and spread His Word. He saved me, and He will save you. You must seek Him, though. There is an old saying, you can buy all the soap in the world, but if you don't apply it, you will still stink! The Word is the same - it's not enough to just know of Jesus, you must accept Him as your Lord and Savior and apply the Word to your life every day, and in everything you do!