Daily Inspiration - Bless the Lord

     You may have often heard the saying, "Life moves fast."  Though the scientific explanation will tell you that time is constant, the expression means something different entirely.  It is used as an expression in jest of the idea that we often think back about how much time has passed, how old we are, and how quickly it seems to have passed.  I sit here at 30, once pondering my childhood and thinking how once upon a time, I sat here at the other end of the spectrum, at 10 years old, wondering how life will be when I'm 30.

     So often, it is hard to fully comprehend how fortuante we truly are, especially for the things we overlook.  Our health, our spouse, our friends, our family, our jobs, and maybe even a vehicle, are all amazing things we may have in life.  It is difficult, perhaps, to see these as so often things like this are considered immeasurable or intangible goods.  These gifts from the Lord are so often gauged against what others have.

     Nothing ultimately will be won from feelings of superiority or feelings of satisfaction within oneself since others may not have been so fortunate.  Truly valuing God’s gifts requires appreciating things for themselves, for their own intrinsic goodness and benefit, not in how they might compare to others. For in doing the latter, we in fact close our hearts and eyes to truly appreciating what is most valuable to us.

     God is good, and all the time.  He truly knows what is best for us.  Even in times of hardship where we do not understand why something didn't go the way we want it to or the way we planned it in our head, we still need to be greatful for the things that we DO have and understand that the world does not "owe us" anything, and that God does not "owe us" anything, and we are not promised that everything in our life will be perfect and go exactly as we planned in our head.  In fact, you could say it is the other way around.  Born into sin already, and sin being a part of our nature, we owe it to God to live as instructed by His Word through Faith in His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus, so that we can be saved through that faith and practice repentance of sins to achieve salvation through Christ.

     But, we know, our God is a way maker, and a miracle worker.  We keep our Faith, and live our life accordingly, and great, amazing things DO happen because of this, we just have to remember that when they don't happen how we thought they should, we can't let that hamper our Faith in Him or hurt our hearts.  We are human, of course, and our feelings naturally get hurt to some degree, but thankfully we have our King to turn to constantly. 

     Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.  Follow Him and He will never forsake you.  Take care my friends, and have an awesome day!