Before I Lay Me Down To Sleep

The Lord is our hope and foundation - our strong tower.  As we lay down to sleep and wind down, often this is a time that we ponder our life, the good and the challenges.

The Book of Lamentations is a great read.  It is series of poems written so that each stanza begins with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

It is as if they wrote a poem or song with the first stanza beginning with “A” and the next “B”, so on and so forth.

In the course of the book, the author acknowledges the fact that the people had sinned. He recognized the responsibility for their exile and pain that they suffered; but he also includes the knowledge of the goodness of God, and the trust that God will bring them back once again.

Often, I have seen people who have been through tragedies through no fault of their own, who don’t have that faith in God’s goodness.

They lament their situation, but they don’t think that things will get better or that they will find happiness or peace ever again. With that attitude, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and they can’t find peace, as if you have already accepted reality without even trying to make it better.  

Have you prayed on the situation?  Asked God for guidance?  Given your life to Christ and took action, perhaps even to clean up areas that could have led to this downfall?

I have seen others that have been hit by terrible tragedies and yet retain their faith in Him.

Nothing shakes their belief that God is good and that no matter what happens, He will be with them to the end.

I think of the parents and mothers who have lost sons and daughters to drunk driving or to senseless violence and instead of wallowing about their situation, they gathered together to try and change the system to possibly prevent it from happening to others.

They try to raise people’s awareness of the destruction caused by the careless, selfish actions of others.

For example, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD, has made the idea of designated driver almost universal.  I can remember back to my "party days", someone always posed the question, "Who's DD tonight?? We ain't going until then!"  We have groups like MADD to thank for this, and by the Grace of God they didn't give up when things were bleak.  Instead, they prayed and took action.

We can learn from Lamentations about how to grieve our losses, but still retain the trust that God is with us and will save us over and over again.

"Dear Lord God, you are with me through all the situations of my life.  Whether my challenges are because of my own actions or those of another, I know You will bring me through it and are always with me. Thank you.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen."

~~ Inspired by Frances Taylor, via the King James Bible App Daily Devotions ~~